Workforce and HCM Solutions


In 2021, Ayax was acquired by IN-RGY Group, a leading HR tech consulting firm with an expertise in tackling diverse workforce management and HRIS projects of complex nature.

IN-RGY is a group of consultants with one clear purpose: make sure you get the best of your HRIS Solution. From its integration to its optimization, we make sure your HRIS always stays an asset. All this without ever forgetting what makes organizations unique: their employees.

Although IN-RGY Group has a global presence, we are proud to continue offering a high-touch boutique service with a human-centric approach to ensure our clients receive a personalized experience that meets their needs. We make sure they feel heard and understood so we can enable them to maximize the benefits of their HR tech investments.


It is impossible to improve if we don’t know our strengths and areas of opportunity; send us a message to know about our questionnaire which will help you to easily find your CBIs and take the control of your business development.


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  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.