• Jorge Luis Cano

    I manage projects with a practical and friendly approach in Ayax. Although sometimes this task is somewhat complex, I enjoy having the opportunity to interact with the team, contribute something positive and learn every day. During my free time I am fortunate to be able to share my knowledge with university students, giving advice or some particular class, and I consider myself a big fan of Mexican culture, French cinema, alternative music and languages. I also enjoy my family and friends since I consider them my main motivation.

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  • Francisco Martínez

    Part of my goals as a sales consultant is to ensure that in each new project, the results that Ayax and my client expect are delivered. It is a great satisfaction for me to know that I provided a solution beyond a sale, it is certainly a job that I am passionate about and that I enjoy very much. In addition, I like motorcycles, I am a musician, graphic designer, illustrator and I like beaches.

    Hobbies #Música #Motocicletas #Diseño #Surf #Kronos #Fortia

  • Fernanda Muñoz

    I manage the commercial area of ​​Ayax, I love my job since I love being able to personalize, offer attention and service to each of our clients; be able to help them solve their concerns and collectively achieve business objectives. My favorite hobby is playing flag football and in my spare time I love being able to share quality time with my family and friends. I love dancing and music.

    My main hobbies are traveling because I am very interested in knowing new places and new cultures, going out on weekends with friends and family. I also like to go to the theater, watch movies, go to the gym and meet new people.

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  • Giovanna Tapia

    My position is to be a commercial executive at Ayax, my job is to help clients find a solution to automate their current processes and problems related to human resources, payroll, time and assistance. My mission is that they have the best customer service and that we can provide their company with better quality in their processes and day-to-day work.

    My hobbies are traveling because I am very interested in knowing new places and new cultures, going out on weekends with friends and family. I also like to go to the theater, watch movies, go to the gym and meet new people.

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  • Orlando Torres

    I manage the project management at Ayax, I love my job because each project requires my experience, but above all, having an open mind to new operational processes. Delivering the right solution for each client is one of my main objectives. I like rock, art cinema, soccer, going out to people with family and friends.

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  • Rubén González

    I generate customer demand solutions based on the use of computer technologies; I like robotics, programming and I like my work because it allows me to develop both personally and professionally within the IT field.

    Hobbies #Gamer #Futbol #Autos #Programacion #Robotica #TKD

  • Jocelyn Casasola

    I take care of the billing, credit and collection part for Ayax; I like to go out every weekend, when I can I get a new tattoo and enjoy my pets. I like numbers, and keep control of my work, I enjoy how you have no idea my functions within Ayax

    Hobbies #Musica #Motos #Tatuajes #Zapatos #Reir #Diversion

  • Sergio Garrido

    I am a Kronos consultant in WFR, WFC and WFD versions, my main tasks are: implementations, support, demos. I enjoy my children, fishing and camping, I ride a motorcycle whenever I have a chance, mechanics is my favorite hobby; I enjoy everything from my work, solving their problems and giving results; I feel part of something that is very big “Kronos”.

    Hobbies #Musica #Kronos #Trabajo #Guitarra #Trombon #Coro

  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez

    I am a consultant specializing in Kronos WFR, WFC, I perform the configuration and training of the application; I like to travel, I belong to a musical group, I train constantly; I have professional and educational projection, it is never monotonous, every day brings a different challenge.

    Hobbies #Guitarra #Travel #Dance #Work #Musica #Kronos #WFR #WFC

  • Daniela Martínez

    My position is legal coordination and I work with law firms, notaries, lawyers and managers in order to guarantee the benefits of the company and its clients. I enjoy trips to museums, theaters and concerts; What I like about my functions that there´s development in all aspects and the support the company gives us to reach our goals.

    Hobbies #Libros #Cine #Cantar #Zapatos #Fashion

  • Adolfo Valle

    I am in charge of systems, being an IT company I think that having 100% each machine, hardware and software is essential for an optimal operation. I really like playing soccer, eating and visiting my family when I can. Within Ayax I enjoy the coexistence between colleagues, the environment and how we get along, we are a small family.

    Hobbies #Futbol #Diversion #CruzAzulFC #PeliculasComicas #Marvel #Hulk #Gadgets