Syncreon is a leading global provider of advanced services for the supply chain based in Auburn Hills, Michigan (USA). The American company was founded in 2007 as a result of the strategic alliance between Walsh Western International and TDS Logistics, both leaders in the sector.

Currently, Syncreon has operations in more than 20 countries with more than 100 facilities and about 12,000 employees.

In Mexico, it has two divisions: the high-tech one that is located in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua and the automaker that began operations in May 2016 with facilities and offices in the states of Puebla and Mexico.

The automotive division integrates 200 employees and in order to manage personnel efficiently, they required a robust system of easy implementation in the cloud that will help maintain access control and assistance.

What Syncreon needed was a solution that could do the following:

• Employees assistance control.
• A reliable cloud management system.
• Visibility of personnel to detect absences in a timely manner.


Kronos, through Ayax, helped Syncreon to implement a system that allows them to simplify processes by optimizing staff management, minimizing the risks of noncompliance, controlling payroll assistance and costs with cloud-based technology to access any moment and remotely. With this solution, employees have access to the consultation of schedules, times worked, audit of attendance records, among other functions.

Workforce Ready
- Working time measurement
- Minimizes non compliance
- Minimizes payroll errors
- Assist Control
- Real time information


Through Kronos technology, Syncreon has staff control from the cloud with real-time availability and anywhere, and allows the company to manage all its projects from a single account, with the possibility of scaling to a major level and that is also shareable when integrated with other systems.

Kronos is a strategic ally that provides short and long term results. By providing valuable information for decision making, it allows the human resources area have tools to quickly and efficiently process the control of working time, simplifying administrative tasks and avoiding payroll errors.